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"Bieszczadzkie Leszcze" Kennel
Katarzyna SKarbek (Żuk)

ul. 3-go Maja 8, Kęty 32-650, małopolska 
Stobierna 65 E (koło Dębicy), 39-200 Dębica, podkarpackie 
e-mail: brzanka1@gmail.com 
mobile.: +48 510 123 659

Country of origin: England

Country of widespread: Australia

Classification: working terrier. An excellent companion dog. FCI classification: Group 3 (Terriers), Section 2 (Small Terriers).

Working qualities required.

Strong, active, agile, working terrier with great character, a lithe body and medium length. The tail may be copied and the coat may be smooth, rough or broken.

Behavior and temperament:

Lively, watchful, active, intelligent terrier, full of temperament, courageous, fearless, confident, friendly.

Sample media